St. Michael’s Nursery and Infant School 2023-2024

A Brand New Curriculum - A Knowledge Rich Curriculum

'Let’s start with what they already know and build on from there!'

A Brand New Curriculum - A Knowledge Rich Curriculum

At our school, we begin with a skeleton plan:

At the beginning of each topic, we ask the children what they already know? We analyse their responses, observe their current skills and then teach for the gaps. We ask them what they’d like to find out about, take their questions onboard and then design our curriculum. They have a voice in their learning! It is their education, their journey!

Lessons are memorable. Guest speakers join us, opportunities for curriculum visits are planned and above all, the children’s responses are heard. Learning is engaging and fun. That’s what makes it stick in the minds of our children for years to come;

“Remember that time we had smelly cheese in our classroom, just like Samual Pepys had hidden. It smelled gross!” A pupil referring to the teaching of ‘The Great Fire of London.’

Community is a key factor. So much can be learned from those around us and we plan to take advantage of that knowledge. Excellent local links enhance our curriculum.

Teaching is broad. What if? is asked. Children are challenged to respond, and to apply their knowledge to situations. We encourage them to take risks, think outside the box and speak up about their beliefs and opinions. Every voice matters.

Parents are key in the continuum. Learning is not restricted to the grounds of our school. We promote that! Parents play a vital role in the depth of curriculum we offer and we guide them to extend learning outside of the school day. This we do through excellent communication and support.

Our topics run like water into subjects, spilling into all areas of the curriculum. Spiralling around whilst knowledge grows deeper and deeper.

We refer to examples of excellent teaching practice and apply those principles where appropriate to our own. Lead teachers and governors receive training in their subjects and then disseminate their knowledge to all staff. We cannot be excellent teachers of what we do not know deeply. Curriculum objectives are identified and mapped out. Our two-year plan is meticulous in covering all aspects of the National Curriculum. Leaders prepare, monitor and assess an exciting curriculum, of which we are constantly changing, as the diversity of our community grows.

We revisit topics at a later date to make sure that teaching and learning have had an impact. We challenge our teaching and learning . . . Can they remember? Is their knowledge deep? If not, then why? What comes next?

We drive all children to reach the goal. For some, their journeys will differ but as we know, no two people in our world are alike. Each child’s learning journey is unique to them and we appreciate that.

We aim to enrich the lives of our children with an excellent curriculum that prepares them for life. Please join us in building the future!